We are currently living in the golden age of angel investment. There are numerous investors and even more applicants. I have even invested myself. We have a problem, however. The majority of companies seeking investment are not in a condition or sufficiently mature to accept the investment.

The Guide you are currently holding is not the final word or omniscient, although an attempt has been made to include the know-how of years of experience and a mishmash of international studies. I hope, nevertheless, that it will contribute to opening up the world of angel investing to everyone interested – starting initially from a large-scale perspective and then gradually in more detail.

The process of writing the Guide has not been completely straightforward. I have found it particularly challenging to make foreign terminology and concepts understandable to everyone. If, therefore, you come across a section of text that is unclear, you can blame me. It is due to the limitations of the author, not lack of understanding on the part of the reader.

I believe that only together can we achieve results. So, a HUGE thank you to everyone who has contributed to this story. I would like to extend special thanks to Jan Oker-Blom, Claes Mikko Nielsen, Ilkka Vuorenmaa, Candade Johnsson and Marjaana for reading through the Guide and acting as sounding boards for me even in the smallest details.

This is my example of sweat equity impact investment. But it is unlikely that the journey will end here, though. I hope, rather, that it will serve as a springboard for future years and knowledge. Let’s pay it forward and allow both the printed and online version to be distributed freely.

Wishing you all success, failure, learning and growth!

Jyväskylä, Finland, 20th April 2015

Sami Etula