A capital loan is a special type of loan. – –

  1. capital and interest may be paid in liquidation and bankruptcy of the company only with a preference which is lower-ranking than other debts;
  2. the principal may be otherwise repaid and interest paid only in so far as the sum total of the unrestricted equity and all of the capital loans of the company at the time of payment exceed the loss on the balance sheet to be adopted for the latest financial period or the loss on the balance sheet from more recent financial statements; and
  3. the company or a subsidiary shall not post security for the payment of the principal and interest.

In other respects, the terms of a capital loan may be agreed upon freely. As a capital loan has the lowest priority compared with other loans, its risk level is higher, therefore a higher interest rate is generally paid on it.

Pääomalaina antaa sijoittajalle mahdollisuuden kantaa yrityksen riskiä ilman, että hän omistaa yrityksestä mitään.

In its basic form, a capital loan is a long-term financing method.