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Level of perfection of team 30 – 50 %

An A-class team can successfully realise a B-class idea, but a B-class team cannot get an A-class idea off the ground. According to studies conducted by FiBAN, business plans have to be changed more than six times after a financing decision before the right model is found. If the company does not have a

Level of perfection of team 30 – 50 %2020-12-14T11:19:01+03:00

Product/service and technology 30–40 %

The product or service and technology section examines the issues of identifying customers' problems, added value provided to customers, the scalability of a product/service and technology used. “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” - Henry Ford The most important aspect in analysing a product

Product/service and technology 30–40 %2020-12-16T11:30:20+03:00

Competitive advantage in market 10–20 %

Whereas market opportunities approach anticipated success through the market and its dynamics, competitive advantage is based on a company's internal factors. What is a better indication of a company's ability to function in the market than those companies that are already there? ”A startup is an organization formed to search for a repeatable

Competitive advantage in market 10–20 %2020-12-16T11:30:05+03:00

Market opportunity 20–40 %

Market opportunity describes a company's potential for growth and significant increase in value, which is one of the investor's key requirements. ”When you focus on problems, you'll have more problems. When you focus on possibilities, you'll have more opportunities.” - Tuntematon Market opportunity can be divided into five areas: market size, market

Market opportunity 20–40 %2020-12-16T11:29:40+03:00

Assessment is uncertain

Analysis of early stage companies is made more difficult by the fact that the information in the business plan cannot be confirmed by customers, personnel, banks, suppliers or an accounting firm because of the lack of a history. The problem does not disappear in the DD process, even if the investor uses outside experts

Assessment is uncertain2020-12-16T11:29:22+03:00

Investor presentation – Pitch

Investors usually see several hundred pitches a year, so it is important for entrepreneurs to be able to summarise their growth target briefly and in a manner tempting to investors. Whether open or closed (intended for the investors only), a pitch event is usually an entrepreneur's first contact with investors. A pitch may not

Investor presentation – Pitch2020-12-16T11:29:01+03:00

Valuation gap and its elimination

A valuation gap refers to a situation where the views of the investor and the entrepreneur on the value of a company differ from each other. This is usually due to a situation where the investor optimises returns and wishes to minimise the valuation, whereas the entrepreneur wishes to maximise the valuation and through

Valuation gap and its elimination2020-12-16T11:28:36+03:00

Valuation: Criteria for determining the value of a company

Valuation refers to the value of a company. The commonly used term usually refers to valuation prior to an investment (pre-money valuation). This differs significantly from another valuation concept (post-money valuation), which means valuation after an investment and which also determines the share in the company received by the investor. Pre-money valuation + Private

Valuation: Criteria for determining the value of a company2020-12-16T11:28:17+03:00

Before applying

Angel investment as a financing form differs from traditional financing options in terms of the search process, securities, and capital and interest expectations. The assessment conducted by an angel investor goes deeper than the assessments of traditional financing providers. Instead of financial situation and solvency, growth potential and prospects are examined. Angel investment also

Before applying2020-12-16T10:57:29+03:00

Business angel investment process

Business angels are persons each of whom has developed their own "best" investment process model. In general, the investment process can be considered starting from when the investor identifies an investment opportunity and ending when he or she exits the company. The main stages of the investment process can be divided into seven steps.

Business angel investment process2020-12-16T10:57:04+03:00

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